Tribute Bands

Written by Ellen Gurley

Tribute bands
By: Ellen Gurley

Tribute BandsCharlotte, NC has a lot of really, really good bands.  Some of my favourite I will save for another article.  Charlotte also has a lot of really decent cover bands, as well (Smoking J‘s, Monday Night Allstars, Tastes like Chicken, and Fat Face Band, just to name a few).  Moreover, a lot of tribute acts come through this way.  What is the difference between a cover band and a tribute band?  A cover band does other bands music but a tribute band takes it to another level.  Experience it.
What they have in common is that people either love them or hate them but guess what?  They’re getting paid.  Local places hire covers or tributes 80% more than they do original acts.  But don’t hate too much as many of the members of these bands play in original bands (or at their churches or for charities) and they are afforded to do so with their paycheck from above aforementioned acts.  Peter Gray, for instance, plays in not one, not two, not three but four but five and six cover or tribute bands all while enjoying his spare time playing in his own Small Talk Industries and graces the stage with Benji Hughes.  (He teaches guitar as his day job.)  Don’t hate, appreciate. 
Below is a list of acts of tribute bands that come through the area.  The first time I saw images of the lead of the Stevie Wonder tribute, the wig, the glasses and his head swaying back and forth took me for a loop until I heard him sing.  He sounds exactly like him (Stevie Wonder).  He, like the others, have a gift and a love and they just want to share it with you.  Check them out, some of them are spectacular. 

Adhesive (a Stone Temple Pilots tribute)
Appetite for Destruction (a Gun-n-Roses tribute)
Badfish (a Sublime tribute)
Bloodstone Revival (a Judas Priest tribute)
Bloody Sabbath (a Black Sabbath tribute)
Dirty Deeds (an AC/DC tribute)
DMTB (a Dave Matthews tribute)
Face to Face (an Elton John tribute)
Heart Brigade (a Heart tribute band)
Lisa & the E-Lusion (a Lisa Lisa Cult Jam tribute)
Natural Wonder (a Stevie Wonder tribute)
On the Border (an Eagles tribute)
Ride the Lightning (a Metallica tribute)
Same as it Ever Was (a Talking Heads tribute)
Slippery When Wet (a Bon Jovi tribute)
Smackdown (a Godsmack tribute)
Stranger, the (a Billy Joel tribute)
Summersplash (a tribute to Sublime)
Trial by Fire (a Journey tribute)
WannaBeatles, the (a Beatles tribute)
Who’s Bad (a Michael Jackson tribute)
Zoso (a Led Zeppelin tribute)

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