Radio Rehab

Written by Ellen Gurley
@ Chop Shop
399 E.35th St., 28205
Review by Ellen Gurley

Radio RehabRadio Rehab is a monthly event that is thrown by the Mayfield brothers, the Mighty DR who you may remember from the acts the Katsckillz Project, Southtropolis and the Others and Damany aka “Smiles” alongside event producer Jalonda aka Lonni B.  These evenings are hosted by the well known local poet Bluz.  They usually have a national act but even when they don’t it’s a good time.  Sometimes there is karaoke or open mic rap battles, or something that otherwise engages you.  But any night you choose will be a good time with no bullsh*t.
I ventured out to the 20th Anniversary Mobb Deep show in Charlotte.  It  was an epic evening with very positive energy.  When I pulled up to the Chop Shop, the parking lot was packed before 10pm.  I fashioned myself a spot just outside of the lot beside other partygoers.  “Hello, I’ll see you inside” one shouted from his car window as he watched me park.  I love hip hop shows… quality, underground hip hop shows.  What’s this underground sound I speak of, you say?  Anything NOT on the radio, hence the name of this party, “Radio Rehab”. 
The evening began with the Legacy Committee.  This is an outfit with two white dude rappers (one a hype dude, the other wanting to be the sexy one), a female vocalist, a guy in the back (I think on turntables) and my good friend Ron Brown on drums. 
Mr. Invisible followed and killed it.  The crowd really didn’t know what to do (in a good way).  These guys, Justin Aswell Blackwood aka Japhro and Blake “Ill Use” Matthews both rapped their behinds off and beat the crap out of these N.I. Drum Mashines, with the light guy trying to keep up.  Good stuff.

Supastition, oh Supastition.  My friend, my talented high-yellow friend hit the stage after Mr. Invisible.  He has recently reemerged and I am so happy that he did.  He dropped a bunch of new knowledge on me from his new album the Blackboard with support by DJ Skillz.  Next up was Big Pooh (of Little Brother) who was joined by his old crew, 9th Wonder and more members who also used to be under the umbrella of the Justus League out of the 919.
Bluz came out in between acts and got everyone hyped up singing along with tunes such as Raekwon’s “Ice Cream”.  It was pretty sweet.
And then there was Mobb Deep, celebrating twenty years together, which makes me feel old.  If you don’t know who they are, ‘I ain’t mad at you’ and its not too late to learn quality hip hop. Mobb Deep consists of Havoc (Kejuan Muchita) and Prodigy (Albert Johnson) and neither of them is ugly.  Nor is their history or their discography.  They have paved the way, in no cliché way, for many a rapper. DJ On Point had the pleasure of backing them.
This evening was quality and wonderful and all of that.  If you are not familiar with the Radio Rehab folk, meet them, they are friendlier than a flock of flocking flockers.  But on a serious note, Radio Rehab is a stage not only to bring national talent but a platform for worthy regional artists.  Something that tastes better than the prepackaged stuff.  If you think you have what it takes, holler at them.  Their third eye is open.


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