Truck Stalking

Written by Ellen Gurley

Truck Stalking
By: Ellen Gurley

Truck StalkingCharlotte has been my home for thirty six years.  In that time I have seen A LOT of restaurants come and go.  For some Charlotte restaurant owners, the “coming and going” is what keeps them afloat.  I’m talking food trucks.  And I have learned that if you want to find these trucks, you’ve got to follow them on twitter.

In my stalking of the truck I have found a few favourites; Papi Queso, Maki Taco and my top favourite is numnum a GoGo.  I had a “Yeeeah Dog” from them the other night that did me right.  It was a deep-fried and seasoned all beef hotdog wrapped in a spiral cut potato on a skewer.  And I had a yummy Philly Quesadilla.

Get your own favourite food truck and  follow them on twitter. 

Auto Burger & Fry Guys > @AutoBurger
Cupcake Delirium > @onthegocupcakes
Gourmet Goombahs > @ggoombahs
Heban Legend, the > @herban_legend
Homegrown Crepe > hgcrepe
JJ’s Red Hots (Frank the Tank) > @JJsRedHots
King of Pops > @KingOfPopsCLT
Maki Taco > @makitacotruck
Napolitano’s > @NapolitanosMkt
numnum a GoGo > @numnumagogo
Papi Queso > @papiquesotruck
Plated Palate, the > @PlatedPalette
Roaming Fork > @roamingforkNC
Sal’s Roadside > @SalsRdsideEatery
Salts of the Earth . @saltsearthllc
Smoke & Go > @smokengocafe
Southern Cake Queen > @southern cake
Sticks & Stones > @SticksAndStones
Tin Kitchen, the > @TheTINKitchen
Turkey And > @TurkeyAnd
Wafflez & Wingz > @WafflesandWingz
Wingzza > @WingzzaTruck

Here are some other ways to stalk the trucks; @cltfoodtrucks @mobilecuisine @EatsTweet @FoodTrucksCLT @mycitycharlotte , but if you’re too lazy to investigate, Fridays in Southend (at Camden & Park) are "Food Truck Fridays".  Happy eating.




Ellen Gurley   Ellen Gurley
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