Charlotte Brewer's Festival 2013

Written by Ellen Gurley

Sat., June 1st @ Olde Mecklenburg Brewery 2013
By: Ellen Gurley

Charlotte Brewers FestIt was a hot sunny day in Charlotte, NC; not a cloud in sight… a perfect day for a beer festival.  So my beer buddy and I packed in the car and drove to one.  We went to will-call and after only a few minutes of confusion (we weren’t on the list, though we’d purchased weeks prior) a Lauren had me pull up my bank purchases and open my email to prove myself and we were in.

There were seven banner-clad booths offering samples (that looked much like urine samples, due to the size of the cups) with all of the usual suspects:,,,,, Rock Bottom,, and  I also spied Daniel Hartis of autographing and selling his new book “Charlotte Beer : a History of Brewing in the Queen City” (a highly recommended My City read). 

The lines were long, so we elected to not try Hops or Rock Bottom, to maximize our time.  At the door, we were given about five tickets for small samples and one ticket for a pint.  We didn’t want to squander those.  No offense to those neglected. 
From Four Friends, I tried the 24k and the Race Day.  At the OMB booth, I had a Hornets Nest Wheat and at Heist a Himalayan White Out IPA.  From Triple C I tasted Sal’s Paradise Saison.  At Birdsong I had a Red House Wheat and continually bought new drink tickets for pints of the Jalapeno Pale Ale (soooo good).  And NoDa had my usual go-to, the CoCo Loco, a yummy Jam Session and my other favourite (right now), the NoDajito. (People, it’s a beer with a hint of mojito. Do it. Try it now).

If you were feeling hungry, there were food trucks; @papiquesotruck, Roots Good Local Food and some handmade pops by King of Pops Charlotte.  And the music was flowing; local cover band Smokin’ Hot Mojo had people dancing to Wagon Wheel and even some Johnny Cash until Ancient Cities took the stage before Josh Daniel & Friends (Justin Adam Powell, Eric Lovell, Omar Erastas & Daniel Flynn).  Ancient Cities did originals and I was thinking they’d be lost on the people jamming to covers, but they paid attention.  And as for Josh & Friends, I hugged their necks before they went on and my partner and I headed to Joe Hooper’s for deviled eggs and breakfast burgers.

All in all, it was a good festival. NoDa consistently had the longest lines.  (High demand, they must be.) Most festivals tend to offer free bottle water and sometimes peanuts.  But I have no complaints.  Oh, except that Four Friends was tucked in a corner beside the two I neglected.  And nobody puts baby in the corner.  Support local craft beer; it’s a beautiful thing in your city.  Oh and local music; it’s a My City thing, too.


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