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Sarah Pollock

Written by Ellen Gurley

Sarah Pollock
words by: Ellen Gurley headshot: Joey Emanuel

Sarah Pollock is one of many local artists that don’t get a lot of press. This is not the case without a really good reason. Pollock is humble and self-promotion is not her most beloved task on the planet.  She is much better at telling you what her friends are doing or about an event she is promoting.

Sarah Pollock Sarah Pollock Sarah Pollock

You probably don’t even know that she runs the ONLY free figure drawing class in town.  Well, now you do.  Generally speaking, you have to be a student on a campus or shell out upwards of thirty bucks to participate in one of these classes, but Pollock has it available to you for free with sponsorship support from Cheap Joe’s Art Stuff. The Goodyear Arts building is in perpetual state of getting ready to be torn down yet currently still has rotating art exhibits that are very interesting.

Sarah Pollock Sarah Pollock Sarah Pollock

This is the home for the free figure drawing class at present, but it is subject to change at any point.  Formerly at Twenty-Two, the class has been running for about six years, is BYOB, and is now Pollock’s baby and labour of love. Whether you are a artist who wants to expand your own comfort zone or you are an individual who is just looking for a new hobby, this event is the place for you.  It is every Monday night from 7 to 9pm right in the heart of uptown Charlotte at 516 North College Street. Bring your own art supplies and come enjoy without any sign-ups needed.

Sarah Pollock Sarah Pollock Sarah Pollock

• Sarah Pollock is available for pet, home, and family illustrations, caricatures, pieces for any group art gallery shows, murals, graphic design projects, and any lettering needs you have (her personal favourite).  Her strength is her line quality and variation.

This is what sets her illustration style apart from others. Also feel free to contact her regarding any questions you may have regarding the figure drawing or the new home of the Goodyear Arts. Contact her at or join the Facebook group for updates at

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