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Brian Carpenter

Written by Ellen Gurley

Brian Carpenter
Double Door Inn Rings
words by: Ellen Gurley
ring photography: Justin Driscoll
selfie: a nod to Jordan Lopshire

Brian Carpenter - Double Door Rings

Once locally famous front man of a popular band, Five Times Down, Brian Carpenter is now making a name for himself in another way. Carpenter has been in the trade of his surname for over twenty years now and has done very well for himself with residential and commercial renovations, custom decks and pergolas, and other one-of-a-kind home furnishings.

While his nine to five is the bread and butter, he still finds time to create more artistic pieces and, as one of the mostBrian Carpenter - Double Door Rings resourceful people I know, Carpenter recently acquired parts of the now closed Double Door Inn.  He has crafted rings from the wood and they are not only gorgeous and stylish, but they are a way that so many Charlotteans have been able to physically hold onto their beloved venue.  He has literally preserved history forever.

The call to action is, of course, for you to obtain one of these rings.  They are less than a hundred dollars a pop and each come in their own collectible box with a photo of the fallen venue by Justin Driscoll upon it.  However, he will only have these particular rings while supplies last. He will always make exotic wooden rings (from petrified trees, mahogany, cedar, rosewood, curly maple, and purpleheart, walnut, canary wood) and still has a great stash of Double Door wood.  That being said, we all look forward to what he comes up with next.  Always with new ideas, these Double Door rings are just going to be a drop in the bucket that is Carpenter’s bottomless creative pool.  My City Magazine promises to keep up with him and there are rumours of a microphone is his hands again in the near future.

• To obtain a DOUBLE DOOR INN RING or obtain a consultation regarding an upcoming commission, contact Brian Carpenter today at 704-345-7506 or

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